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CBT Questions

It is a 1 day course, usually 6-8 hours. However, if a student needs more training they could be asked to come back for another day for further training.

No, just a basic understanding of the Highway Code is required.

Yes. Very heavy rain, icy conditions or snow would result in a CBT being re-scheduled for another day.

No. Although it’s technically not a test which you pass or fail, your instructor may refuse to award your CBT certificate until you have demonstrated you are safe and ready to go out onto the roads yourself. Our team will help you learn to ride safely and competently in the shortest time possible.

The CBT certificate is valid for 2 years. If you don’t move on to a full licence you will have to renew your CBT every 2 years.

Yes, but please not that if you choose to complete a training course on your own motorcycle/scooter then this will not be covered by Blacktop’s insurance and it will be your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct insurance in place.

Your vehicle must be in a roadworthy condition and meet the legal requirements for riding on a public highway. This means that you must display L plates on the front and rear of your motorcycle/scooter, you must have a valid MOT certificate and be properly taxed and insured. You must be able to provide the vehicle log book. The instructor will check this to ensure that it is safe to ride on the road and will also check all relevant paperwork.

No. You can only do this once you’ve attained your full licence.

General Questions

Sturdy boots, ideally with ankle protection (not steel toe), motorcycle gear or jeans (no rips), sensible and comfortable full-sleeve top. Helmets, gloves and riding jackets will be provided.

If you usually wear them, yes.

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